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Change default ZGM parameters
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Change the default parameters for Game Master to the options most used by the community:
God Mode is enabled by default
Game Moderator can create all objects
Distance from players where Zeus can edit is 0


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Zeus - Missions
Additional Information

The current default parameters are especially problematic on the official servers, where players often demand the Game Master for weapons and vehicles expecting to be instantly gratified. When not granted these wishes they usually resort to teamkilling. The default parameters are usually employed where there is no voted admin on the server, thus the offending players cannot be kicked. Players are typically too apathetic to vote to kick the offenders. Players are typically offenders themselves.

Preferred parameters:

		class Params
			class CuratorGodMode
				title = $STR_A3_MP_ZGM_m11.Altis_Params_CuratorUnlock;
				values[] = {0,1};
				texts[] = {$STR_DISABLED,$STR_ENABLED};
				default = 1;
			class CuratorModeratorRights
				title = $STR_A3_MP_ZGM_m11.Altis_Params_CuratorModeratorRights;
				values[] = {-1,0,1,2};
				texts[] = {
					"Cannot create and edit anything (spectating only)", //--- ToDo: Localize
				default = 1;
		#ifdef _PARAMTYPE
			class Type
				title = $STR_DISP_ARCGRP_TYPE;
				values[] = {0,1};
				texts[] = {$STR_A3_CfgMPGameTypes_Coop_name_0,$STR_A3_CfgMPGameTypes_DM_name_0};
				default = 0;
				isGlobal = 1;
				file = "paramType.sqf";
			class PlayerEditingAreaSize
				title = $STR_A3_MP_ZGM_m11.Altis_Params_PlayerEditingAreaSize;
				values[] = {0,100,200,500,1000};
				texts[] = {0,100,200,500,1000};
				default = 0;
			#include "\a3\functions_f\Params\paramGuerFriendly.hpp"
			#include "\a3\functions_f\Params\paramDebugConsole.hpp"

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