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Ammo types very difficult to locate.
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I feel it has to be just improved some. Winchester, .45, .39, and the rest.
It is getting very difficult to go house to house for hours on end coast to coast looking for specific ammo., All military bases, all airfields all high rises, and all areas.
Winchester rounds are almost impossible to find, and also .45 i will not mention the mosin rounds, or the vss rounds they are becoming almost impossible on rust buckets, and smokers to locate. If your very lucky you get the ammo can.

I get you guys are trying to make it so hardcore, however the pistols are spawning 30 in houses in balota but we have no ammo whatsoever.
Even 9mm is not all the easy to find.

I believe very strongly it needs to be given a slight boost to locate. Could be 2 or 3 or even 4 boxes found in a home on the shelve. Farmer did not use these but has some stock piled. Its common in today's world to find a gun owner with ammo in the cupboard.


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Searching for days on end to get a handful of ammo.

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There is no scare factor here with infected, but there is also no easy way to say this.... but ill try. The game is rather dull, just looting the same buildings over and over. Without camps and pvp, and survival means all we have left is basic care.

Restricting hardcore vanilla rules this soon hinders our ability to care. If you respect our testing, we need to have them.

-scriptwriters like myself will make it more common anyways, so why make it impossible to enjoy?

Vanilla dayz can stay the way it is, but allow us the ability to test more with our guns and if that means killing deer, other players, or even infected i shouldnt have to go town to town across the whole 240km to find 1 box of ammo.

Please reconsider for the stake of some.

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Just curious brother, private or public?
Thanks for your time

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Hello Sneakydude and thank you for the feedback.
Currently the spawns of ammo have been reduced on purpose. Keep in mind though that the ammo can also be found in clothing now and that the system is being constantly tweaked and will change until the release.

The ammo that is being found in clothing is .380, some 9mm but that is basically it. The rest is in dear stands, and around the coast, or military bases. We usually raid others tents for ammo.

Hopefully it changes, because stealing tents isnt really a good thing until base building is complete.