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Infantry Movement Inertia
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In the current arma 3 movement system, there is no inertia to infantry movement. This can be seen when sprinting and changing directions with the mouse. For example, if a character was to sprint and rotate 180 degrees, the character will maintain their sprinting speed in the new direction. In a pvp scenario this is a big problem, although it is not often realised. The lack of inertia allows players to:

  1. run through different rooms in a house at impossible speeds
  2. Dodge bullets much more easily than in reality. (given that humans can't shift their momentum so easily in real life)
  3. Create a unrealistic feeling throughout the whole game world.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Sprint your character in a single direction and then change direction with your mouse. Observe that there is very little inertia penalty for doing such a manoeuvre. For a person carrying a lot of weight, this should definitely not be possible.

Additional Information

Currently this issue is addressed in many other FPS shooters by accelerating the player in the direction which they are looking at until a maximum speed is reached. This means that if a player was sprinting at maximum speed and turning 180 degrees, they will experience a 'deceleration' in their initial running direction and an 'acceleration' in the new direction. One example of this is in the game 'Squad', where it can be seen that sprinting and changing directions does not allow the player with an easy escape from fire.

I think that the benefits to gameplay of infantry movement inertia is extremely overlooked. It will allow a more 'fair' experience and it will be a very suitable addition to the Arma world.

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