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Weapons turn invisible when in hands... Randomly it appears
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Holding a gun in your hands, in first person parts, of the gun appeared to "become invisible" this occured with the SKS which i have a screen and also a Glock 19 where the iron sights would vanish then the gun itself, never seen this issue before personally.

Relog fixed the issue.


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Windows 10 x64
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Had been on the game for over 4 hours, died a few times, got back to my body and was handed my original weapons from a crew member, only at this point did they glitch, picked up a random magnum we found and this did not dissapear, the glock was damaged and SKS was Worn, this only occured when aiming down sights or having the weapon "raised", I did however update to the latest AMD drivers day before... could be related? However a relog seemed to fix it?

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revengeuk created this task.Aug 9 2016, 1:35 PM

never seen this with nvidia, so could be related to video. AMD has its moments and more so now. UE4 issues with microsofts audio drivers then they update win 10 with new audio drivers and nothing works properally with soundblaster drivers. So it is very common to see weird textures or glitches. Plus dayz is not even tweaked yet, and AMD can have some unreal issues. The desync in the game is driving people nuts.

The memory error could also be related, try logging off and on when you see weird glitches like this.