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Apex objects are invisible and cause Battleye kicks
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Apex objects, when placed on maps other than Tanoa, are invisible to non-Apex-owners and cause Battleye signature check kicks.


Not A Bug
Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start a game of ZGM
  2. Place any object under Structures (Tanoa)
  3. Have any non-Apex owning player report if the object exists
  4. Wait for some time until that player is kicked by Battleye

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thank you for the feedback. Could you please tell us more about this issue? We have tried to reproduce it using the provided steps however we were not able to get kicked. Are you using some custom mission that you could share with us? Are you running any mods and if so did you try to reproduce the issue without them?


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Running no mods. It appears that players need to stand near the object and look at it for some time. At that point they will receive a kick with the following message:
Player Simply: Wrong signature for file a3\structures_f_exp\military\fortifications\hbarrier_01_wall_4_green_f.p3d

Objects are also invisible for players without the Apex expansion

For more information please see

This is affecting my Wasteland server as well. We decorated our map with Tanoa objects, not realizing it was actually kicking people. Once a player finally contacted the admins we had to rollback to an old mission.sqm, and run a script to clear out all saved objects that were create via createVehicle.

Very annoying for server owners that these assets were not sync'd to all clients. I'm certain servers out there are experiencing this issue without even realizing it has been a problem for months. Players just get intermittently kicked off for wrong signature when near one of these objects, or they are invisible and have no idea an object is supposed to be there.

Please resolve ASAP

Does the player own an Apex Expansion DLC?

No, the players getting kicked do not own DLC.

They just get to login and run through APEX structures. Or they call hacks on people who do own the DLC because they see people floating in the air, who are actually on top or on second story of a building.

If vehicle/weapon assets get sync'd to non APEX client, then the prop assets should too.

Well, this is however pretty normal, Apex non-owners do not have the structures available because they do not have them at all, they are Apex exclusive.

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I'm not sure how this can be considered resolved.

Assets for vehicles/weapons are downloaded to APEX non-owners, otherwise they would see people floating down the road.

So I am APEX owner shooting at someone through a Pillbox... and its ok for a non-owner to walk through the structure and kill me?

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Now, I don't think that that is acceptable. I say, that its perfectly fine, for the non-apex owners to not be able to use items that are from the mod, but to be kicked randomly, without a notice to buy the DLC, now that's harsh. As a costumer I would like to see a real resolution for the problem. We've also paid for the game, maybe even purchased DLCs, but not the APEX yet.

Thank you