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[solved] Joystick (Saitek X56 Stick) Helicopter Cyclic Controls don't allow full range of motion vs. Keyboard
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Using the Joystick does not allow the same rate of change using the full range of the joystick in comparison to keyboard inputs. Joystick is properly configured Cyclic (UDLR) and Rudder, XYZ amounts vary from -100 to +100 in the configurator. So far so good.

But the translated rate of change is by far nowhere near comparing X +100 with the keyboard "D" input.

This makes flying with the stick pretty much unusable with the stick, as you can't use the full range to steer the helicopter thus allows only for light direction changes.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Equipment: Saitek X56 Stick, latest driver to date
Mode: SFM or AFM, does not matter. Use SFM for a more drastic demo effect.
Build: Latest stable 1.62 Win10 x64

Configure Joystick for cyclic controls, verify -100 +100 in customizations view.

Any heli will do, hover at an altitude of your choice and enable auto-hover. Come to a standstill. Now compare pressing W/UP for cyclic forward vs. Joystick Y+100.

Keyboard input will tip the heli nose nearly -90 degrees direction ground, despite auto-hover. Whilst using joystick, I can barely reach -10 degrees forward roll.

So Joystick input does not use the full range of motion available whilst using 100%.

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g-man created this task.Aug 2 2016, 11:00 PM
This comment was removed by Straiker.
g-man added a comment.Dec 16 2016, 4:15 PM

Yes as annoying this is, I am not willing to wait until a fix ;)

Currently I am using a workaround and am coding on another one, which will involve some hardware as well. My actual workaround involves using vJoy and AHK.

As Arma kind of adds the control values if you assign multiple controls, my idea was using multiple vJoy instances (well all 16 actually ;) ) and map it to the same control. This did work to some degree and I was able to fly but it was cumbersome to configure.

Recently I've developed a workaround using a TeensyLC and emulating a controllable HID-Joystick in which I am feeding the input. If I have a version released I'll put it in a comment.

Hello, g-man.

I haven't tried recently, but I suppose it still fails. Sorry.
The reason why I removed my comment was because I don't know if it was accurate enough and I wanted to do more research. Some explanation:

As I said, using the X55 joystick or a cyborg v1, I only get around 1/3 (I don't remember how much) of the forward effect compared with the keyboard... but it looks like this only happened (to me) with the "standard flight model". If I change to "advanced flight model" I think it works fine.

I wanted to do some tests: compare standard/advanced model, if the autohover have some efect, to try with a computer that never had more than 1 joystick... but I didn't.

g-man added a comment.Dec 17 2016, 2:01 PM

Hi Straiker,

thank you for your message! I've pretty much finished a working implementation and can test it tomorrow.

atm I also don't know if this bug still persists. But I will also test it tomorrow with the latest Arma 3 build and updated drivers from Saitek. On my side it made no difference if I used SFM or AFM.

Heck I "hope" all the work was for nothing :) But if not, we will soon be able to finally use the Joystick appropriately.

g-man added a comment.EditedDec 21 2016, 6:18 PM

Ok after many tests and many other joysticks and configuration edits and developing a joystick which can be controlled over serial on the same host :) ... I don't have the exact cause yet, but I do have a solution. As Roy always stated: "Have you tried turning it off and on again...":

Solution: In the controls, load a default preset e.g. "Arma 3 Apex".

Yea you do have to map everything again, but now the joysticks are working correctly! 100% joystick is 100% in the game... If I'm bored I might have a detailed look at it to determine which keybinding messed everything up, after having begun to reverse engineer the joystick bit-mapping in the config. To be honest, I am still baffled.

Yea that's it. Case closed!

g-man renamed this task from Joystick (Saitek X56 Stick) Helicopter Cyclic Controls don't allow full range of motion vs. Keyboard to [solved] Joystick (Saitek X56 Stick) Helicopter Cyclic Controls don't allow full range of motion vs. Keyboard.Dec 21 2016, 6:22 PM

Found the issue! Beware if you have assigned axis from multiple joysticks to one control e.g. Cyclic Forward. It does not matter even if you disable the controller in the "Controllers" menu when not using them. It is somehow still active and limits the movement of the active joystick. So it seems like a bug after all.

Only one Joystick axis can be mapped to a flight control, even if other axis are from a disabled Joystick.

Thank you g-man. This has been a problem for me for years and your solution works. I was noticing this issue the most on airplanes while taxing on the runway at low speeds. You can actually see the rudder flaps not move as far as the keyboard. I had the rudder bound to my pedals and joystick rotation. I removed the joystick rotation mapping and now I have full rudder control with my pedals. I wonder if the joystick mappings are averaging out the multiple analog inputs. When I combined the rudder and the twisting of the joystick I would get the full rudder.
Steps to reproduce:

  • In controls map joystick twist and pedals to the rudder left/right
  • Open editor and create plane vehicle
  • Play Single Player
  • Go in 3rd person view so you can see the rudders
  • Press keyboard rudders and note full flap movement
  • Twist joystick and see half movement of rudders
  • Push pedals and see half movement of rudders
  • Twist joystick and push pedals at same time and see full movement of rudders

I confirmed that the joystick inputs are averaged. I added a third joystick input to the mapping and the rudders are now cut down to thirds for each joystick. In order to get 100% I have to push all three joysticks at the same time.

dedmen changed the task status from New to Feedback.Jun 22 2021, 1:43 PM
dedmen added a subscriber: dedmen.

Dev branch and profiling branch (next one, v8) have a fix to be tested

tribbble added a subscriber: tribbble.EditedJun 25 2021, 11:42 PM

Hi wonder if this is fixed, just spent the guts of 2 hours headscratching, i have a PS4 Controller and X52 and now an X56 mapped to cyclic fw\bw same for throthle +\-

As soon as i delete the others mappings i get full responsiveness from movement and also 0-100% throttle ability.
Otherwise throttle only goes from 25%-27% in game.

Theres not ability to save presets otherwise i would have 3 seperate ones.

3rd Party tool means its Solved?

@tribbble I'm not sure what you mean by third party tool but from what I gathered by dedmen the fix is in the works. You'll have to wait for final release or run the next dev release until this is fixed.