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Damage system while landing nephron and other jet needs changing
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landing jets never use to be so sensitive..

i had no damage and went in for a landing on a smooth flat spot, as you can see i was just above stall speed if i went any slower i would nose dive..

I have tried this also on several run ways 90% of the time its almost impossible to land the jet without going from white to red in damage.. even the auto pilot system has failed to land 80% of the time, when it does it also damages the systems from white to red...

All jets seem to be 100x harder to land then arma 2 was.. i never had an issue with arma 2 over the 6 years i had played it..

it seems even if you are hovering just off the ground in a helicopter and someone shoots you and you go spinning on yelllow damage and love tap the ground you explode..

please fix this..


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

1 fly a nephron

2 land just above stall speed and try not to explode..

Additional Information

can be seen here

Regardless of where im landing on a flat spot its the same with the runways etc..

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joe created this task.Aug 2 2016, 6:51 AM
joe added a comment.Aug 2 2016, 8:09 AM

i tried again this one alittle rough and you expect some damage but i had my opinion had straightened it up abit before touch down this jet like to land fast other wise it stalls

im most likely doing something wrong but if you could look into it and tweak it not to be so sensitive it would be nice C:

You are descending too fast. At least in the videos its more your fault. Try to look up some landings in reallife it will help a lot.