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UAVs show "No Connection" under Driver, Gunner PIP Window
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UAVs and UGVs show "No Connection" in the Control Driver and Control Gunner windows, under the "Open UAV Terminal" interface.

As a result, the AV Camera also shows "No Connection".

This first appeared in 1.62, main branch release. Unknown if it was in the release test branch. Was not present on Dev Branch during release branch testing.


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Play a mission that has either UAVs or UGVs, such as one of the Faction showcases.
  2. with a faction-appropriate UAV Terminal equipped, use the scroll menu to "Connect UAV to terminal"
  3. Use the scroll menu to "Open UAV Terminal"
  4. Observe on the right side of the screen, "Control Driver" and "Control Gunner" will show "No Connection." These windows are intended to show "Picture in Picture" footage of the drone's driver seat and weapon optics, respectively.
Additional Information

Proves crippling to any missions that use UAVs, such as Invade and Annex, and fails to show an awesome feature to newcomers in the Showcase scenarios.

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On all UAVs?
I didn't see this problem.
What control in game - Video "PIP"? If it is switched off, will be as at you.

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thank you for the feedback.

As @Lex suggested, please try to check your PIP settings in Options. If you have PIP disabled, you won't see PIP thus UAV cameras.
Additionally verification of the game data via Steam might be good.

Thank you

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@Lex @razazel, You are both correct. Seems at some point I had flipped of PIP for my main branch profile. That would make sense. Evidently I had expected a placeholder image, akin to review mirrors in vehicles.

This can be marked as resolved, or left up for others. My only further comment would be to replace the "No Connection" box with a static image, such as a brief snapshot of what the PIP would have rendered, to be clearer. But that is a minor adjustment that couldn't even be called a tweak, and is hardly necessary.

Thank you @Lex and @razazel for taking the time to review.

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