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Arma 3 0x00000035 Unkonwn error at Launch
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Hello i found a big problem. I cant activate Arma3.exe what so ever. I start launcher in launcher i cant get hold of units. And when i try to reconnect Units with my account. It cant get hold of it. And when i start the game it breaks down and shows. "Exit code: 0x00000035 -".

I have made a totally new install and i totally cleaned all Arma3 from my computer before hand. Even in all Sub folders in C:/. So there should not be any files producing this.
It all started when i did have the game on and was about to play. But i did look around in profiles why my XML did not show up fully and was a bit curious. So i went to the profiles in game. Clicked on one of my profiles. And it loaded the profile. And it totally cluster fucked the hole screen. Wrong resolution wrong Menu Size (Micro size cant even distinguish whats a button or a line. I could not click on any thing due to marker is wrongly centered with mouse marker.

So i quit the game hoping it was just a one time situation. But in my disappointment it was not gone. So i traversed true the menu with keyboard. And clicking true menus and after a hour or so. I find the Settings/Video part. And succeeded of making the hud bigger. And in this time the game have bin jumping around on all my 3 screens and looking to my nr 3 screen. I find out that all the video settings are scrambled. No option to select 1920x720 or regular settings. only settings for Standing sorts. So i decided to reinstall. Took the hole 4 hours to download it again on steam.

All was good and i was hoping for the night mare to be gone. But it went deeper. The game started to crash on start up from launcher. And sins then i have not bin able to start arma3. And it is every time i start the game it crashes and the darkens eats me hole.

So I have 2 crash reports from before i reinstalled and one after i installed.

Crash report before re-install: 1
Crash report after re-install: 2

im at the wall. i am looking at it. and there is no darker place atm.

Best regards // lonesome wall watcher.


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Windows 7
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Start game.

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thank you for the report files.

Here are few things you might want to try to get rid of the 0x00000035 error:

As for the dumps, it seems there is only a single rpt that was created. Other files are older dating 1-2 before the creating of the ticket.

Should non of the provided steps help, please try to export the launcher logs (Launcher > Options > Export Launcher Logs) and upload the files here.

Thank you

Here are my error's logs


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Umm this is a really old issue and I highly doubt that it is the exact same as the one you reported two year ago since the game has pretty much dramatically changed since then. Could you please create a separate ticket? So that it won't get confusing.

Thank you.