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Whenever I play on editor and I am adding and moving my units around, it will crash and give me this notification. I don't play mp so I'm not sure if that applies. This is important to me as I like creating my own scenarios with units and maps from mods. So far I have noticed that if I completely remove all mods, and admittedly I have quite a few loaded, then it won't give me this error, but I find this puzzling as it had been working fine previously with mods. New update maybe? Also if I play a mod campaign or scenario, whenever I quite it, it will also give me this error. All precautions have been done to no avail.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Just use eden editor and play around until eventually it crashes

Additional Information

I can give the report via dropbox if anyone replies

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thank you for the feedback. If you can, please provide those crashdumps so we can look into this.

Here are also few things that you might want to try:

Thank you

Here is the link. Thanks for the reply and I hope you can get this thing sorted so I can continue playing this awesome game.

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I get the exact same crash only when I try to launch an Internet MP game. If I select LAN it loads fine. But 100% repeatable if I launch with as Internet MP Game. I deleted local content and deleted the entire game of hard drive and reinstalled to see if something was wrong there. Exact same problem. Only happened after the update 2 days ago.

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One other note, I get to the map on initial launch, but when I hit continue, that's when it crashes. Doesn't matter if there are any people connected to my server or not. If I go in by myself it still crashes.

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Also, checked system files, deleted and reinstalled C++ files as suggested. GPU temps are fine and updated to latest NVIDIA drivers. No mods loaded. Just to tell you steps to make it crash: load arma 3, select multiplayer, APEX Protocol, Host a game, change to internet, ok, approve mission....crashes 100% of the time.

If you select LAN instead of INTERNET,

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well, that wasn't supposed to send yet.

IF you select LAN instead of INTERNET, it doesn't crash.

This is in latest Developer build.

Here's the link to the crash log:

Hello @Mode

thank you for your feedback. I would like to ask you to create your own ticket. With crashes it is better to deal with each of them separately and it will also help us to track the progress on the bug should something happen.

If you are not sure what to do, please check out this tutorial
FT "How to" Guide

Any update on my problem?

In progress

Hey approx. how much longer do you think until its fixed

When it comes to crashes, these usually require a game update or hotfix.

Could have just told me that instead of making me wait you know

Sorry, I thought that this was somewhat common knowledge, apologies. I will let you know should there be anything new.

So the issue should be already fixed in the development branch and will be available in the next main/stable update.

Hey thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I have come across another error in the form of 0x0000DEAD. This happens every time I load the game. It doesn't happen when I load the game without any mods however. It seems to be that eventually the more mods I start to load the game will eventually break and give me this error. I can give the log for this if you want. Also when will the next update be?

Not sure about the exact date yet unfortunately.

As for the mods, I would recommend running the game with only one mod and trying to add other mods one by one. This way you might be able to rule out the mod that might be causing this issue.

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