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Getting Kicked Out Of A Tank After Getting Hit By Another Tank
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while playing sector control mostly and using a Tank, no matter wether T-100 or what ever, once one got hit by a tank and not getting killed with the first shot it mostly happens that everybody (driver, gunner, commander) get kicked out of the tank.
i don't know wether its a feature or a bug. either way you don't have the chance to react and fire back after being kicked out of the tank. result: frustration, waiting for 2nd hit and death.


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Windows 10 x64

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getting kicked out of the vehicle that is too damaged is indeed a feature, but should happen only if you are kicked from the vehicle by its commander as the result of the vehicle being too damaged or you can get kicked out of vehicle if you kill friendly units and your squad considers you a deserter.

If you are alone in the vehicle, you shouldn't get kicked.

Could you please describe the exact situation when you get kicked out, that is, what position are you in, is there someone else in the vehicle, are other crew member players or AI units?

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