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Tigris / Cheetah alsmost useless against Whipeout and XI'AN
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i am playing sector control mostly and recently it happened often that 4-5 jet pilots dominate the whole game by farming the exits of the teams bases.
Its almost not possible to break through due to the fact that jets have way too many flares, to high hitpoints and can kill ground units from than 2000m without getting hit by any AA-missiles.
Which i think is very demotivating because all u can do is chilling or getting ma in your own base.
the AA's (tigris, cheetah) should get buffed or the jets nerved.

suggestions: less flares on jets, lower hitpoints for jets, more or more powerfull missiles for AA's, increased range of main gun (1500m sucks balls), less damage output for jets (with the whipeout you just need to aim roughly to a tank and it pops in seconds, less than 100 rounds needed)


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Welcome to reallife...except the radar range.

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nothing reallife. AA in reallife is a big problem for jets until its knocked out. I agree, absolutly OP Jets atm! Not only the damage, the search and found of ANY TANK and vehicle is done by fly 4km away of it. you have no chance to hide. but jets can hide and pop out to shoot within seconds.

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soon with sensors update.. AAs with radar will be less likely to be detected and counter them when they pass the area.