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Zeus is disabled when disabledAI = 1;
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I have set up zeus linked to a player slot on a server, but it only works if AI is enabled.


Operating System
Windows 7
Zeus - General
Steps To Reproduce

Load the repro with disabledAI = 0; in the desc.ext... you should be able to open the zeus interface with no issue.

Then change disabledAI to 1 and reload the mission, no matter what I tried, zeus would not open.

Repro mission:

Additional Information

My testing was performed on a windows server 2012 R2 on Arma 3 Server 1.62 & Arma 3 Server 1.62 (perf V3)

The repro mission is in .VR land but the issue also occurs on Altis and Tanoa so the map obviously doesn't change the outcome.

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thank you for the feedback.

Next time, when providing the repro mission, please send the Editor version (not the packed PBO) as it is much easier to check game modules in the editor to see whether everything is properly set and it is also easier to do some changes to check the correct behavior.

As for the issue, I was unfortunately not able to reproduce it. Tried with both, AI enable and disabled and I was able to access the Zeus interface both times without slightest problems. I would recommend that you check the variable names in your original mission for a possible typo in the unit and in the module.

Aww, is there anything else you could get from me that may help with this? I am not the only person who experiences the issue but I am not sure what else I can provide. All variables are set correctly and I am 100% certain its to do with disableAI because with that tiny mission i attached where there is nothing but the zeus modules and disabledAI the issue occured for me.

Also sorry about the .pbo, I will remember that for future.

I have done a bunch of testing using other zeus setups that I have put together as well as official zeus missions.

None of the missions I made worked, all of the official missions worked, but when I copied the setup from a few of the official missions into my own empty mission they stopped working. I tried freehand setting up to mirror the official as well as ctrl+c ctrl-v.

I also reinstalled arma 3 server in case that was a problem but the issue still occurred. I could reinstall my arma 3 client but I am not the only person with this issue so I don't think that will change anything.

Is there anything at all I can provide to you to assist in solving this or am I to be stuck with this forever? :(

Reinstall might not be necessary, but verifying integrity of the game cache through Steam however could be good idea.

I looked at this again cause my servers need zeus and I discovered something.

When using the server start parameter -autoinit, zeus would not work with AI disabled and would work with AI enabled.
If I got rid of -autoinit in the server start params zeus would work regardless of AI.

let me know if you can reproduce now?

The issue only occurs when linking the editor module to a unit in the module's settings. if you leave owner empty and link a unit to the module in game the issue doesn't occur.