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IR Sensors Seeing Through Glass Surfaces
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Currently all IR sensors are capable of seeing through multiple glass surfaces. Glass is not transparent to IR in real life. An IR sensor should see glass as an opaque surface and only read the actual temperate of the glass not whats behind it.

I've been able to reproduce this for several vehicles including the Hunter and 4WD jeep and also some scopes as well.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Obtain an IR sensor device, ENVG, TWS scope, Nightstalker, IR on a vehicle, etc
  2. Observe a person or hot object behind a glass surface with the IR device. Try the Hunter MRAP or APEX 4WD jeep for instance.
  3. Currently you will be able to see the object or person as if the glass was not there for the IR.
Additional Information

Sample images:

  1. Visible Light Window through Window:
  2. IR Light Window through Window (wrong behavior):
  3. Visible Light People in Vehicles:
  4. IR Light People in Vehicles (wrong behavior):
  5. Visible Light Person through Scope:
  6. IR Light Person through Scope (wrong behavior:
  7. Visible Light Person through Window:
  8. IR Light Person through Window (right behavior -except the corner as demonstrated above):

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