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APEX content partially not available/locked
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Some players, me included, has experienced a content lock of gear.

If I want to equip a ERCO on an MX it does not let me.
It works fine if I have a SPAR.
The Virtual Arsenal does not even give me the option to equip such optics if I have equipped myself with an MX - it is not shown under optics for the weapon.
This also includes the new reskinned RCO and ARCO.

The MX SW (Khaki) does also not have an Bipod equipped when I have it, but a friend - where the scopes are also working - can see the Bipod on his SW and also on mine.


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Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

The issue is that it is locked for me and some players, but for others it is not.
Seems like a content lock issue.

It is linked to a mod I was using, maybe CBA or something else.

Additional Information

It is partially for some players.
I cannot equip, but another does.

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I just tested it again with disabling all mods - it seems it has something to do with one of them.
Withouth mods enabled, it works!

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