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Tasks disappearing after closing arma and loading a saved game on return
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Please refer to:

This happened to me on DEV branch prior to APEX release today. I switched branches to Stable, and still same affect. I also noticed in the changelog that it was mentioned that this issue was fixed? These are scripted Tasks


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Windows 10 x64
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Steps To Reproduce

Please use my vanilla repo mission;

Load the scenario, save and exit. Close arma, and then after launching a new Arma session, load the saved game file. When trying to press 'J' to see tasks, i see a weird white box instead of DOT cursor, and my tasks are mission....

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JCae2798 created this task.Jul 12 2016, 4:32 AM

I'm not seeing this behavior. I did your repo steps with your mission and instructions. After resuming the mission my hold J icon was a white dot and my tasks looked like this:


This is with no mods using 1.62.137494

Thanks for testing. The weird thing is that this is happening on two different PCs. I'll have to look more closely at the logs and profile then because I also was running vanilla. Stumped...

If I can't figure it out I'll add logs and also try to record the issue via video

So did more testing on the latest DEV build as of today. I tried the following and still same affect:

  1. Deleted all mission files from Missions and MP Missions folder in root
  2. Created a new Profile in ARMA
  3. Deleted folders Arma 3 and Arma 3 - Other Profiles under Documents section
  4. Disabled startup commands (like -NoPause, etc..)

Stilll same issue. Find attached download below for LOG files of first start up, and then 2nd startup and loading saved file. Also find short clip of loading the saved file and you can see the white box and how the tasks are completely missing... Stumped :(

Well, i tested it further and now its even tasks built in editor using the modules. SO yea my game is broken and i have no idea why... :(

After doing a fresh install, and coping over the gamefiles from a different PC of that install, the issue is fixed! Please close this

I'm sad to ask if you can please keep this open. After playing again for a day or so, and restarting and what not, the issue has returned. I'm not sure if Windows is corrupting the game or what. This is not MOD related as i have no added or modified any MODs other then what STEAM does unless there is a problem there. I am just asking for some help to troubleshoot the issue.

Right now i am in the mists of copying over the install data data a folder at a time to see if i can find what folder is being impacted.

To add more info to what i am seeing is,

  1. When issue occurs, and new tasks assigned show the notification, however the task never shows up in the list as expected. I've confirmed my player is still (SIDE = WEST) and the task being added is being assigned to the WEST side.
  2. In some cases, the briefing is also being hidden/removed. However in my Repo steps/mission this has not happened. Only in a different mission of mine.
  3. In addition to #2, the squad details menu shows different lines of all my squad, but all the words/fonts details are missing. It's like an issue with the font itself...but since the entire TASK menu is missing altogether, i dont think its a FONT issue.

I found the issue! At first i found it via Launcher. So did all the recommended TS including safemod/resetting settings.

It turns out if you run it with Command " -skipintro" either via launcher or directly via arma3.exe, this issue is reproducible!

Undeceived added a subscriber: Undeceived.EditedAug 4 2016, 6:43 PM

For me the bug was in the World parameter. I unticked it and the tasks were there when resuming mission or campaign.

This bug happens in 1.62 with and without Apex, vanilla or modded - doesn't matter. I tested it with the mission Wet Work (The East Wind).

I can't believe this slipped through to stable 1.62...

My way to reproduce:

  1. Untick World parameter in the advanced launcher parameter settings
  2. Start Arma and Wet Work (The East Wind) (the tasks should be there)
  3. press Esc, then Alt+F4
  4. Tick the Worlds parameter and write in "empty"
  5. Start Arma and resume Wet Work (if the bug is there, the tasks should be gone)
  6. Repeat 3. and 1. and start and resume again (the tasks should be there)

Can anyone confirm this?

Thanks for testing. Per DEV blog this is fixed in DEV Branch to be released in next update. I tried to get them to look at it before APEX release, and they did but they couldn't reproduce due to the unique parameters causing the issue. Of course though its a big enough bug that i think deserves a quicker hotfix since a patch has yet been rolled out since APEX release.

Thanks again

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thank you all for the feedback. You went quite for a while, can someone confirm whether this issue had been fixed in the dev branch?

i want to say it's been fixed...Thanks for the follow up.

razazel closed this task as Resolved.Sep 6 2016, 10:04 AM
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