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Memory access violation crash
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Here is a Memory Access Violation crash log that I've saved to send it to you.

It happened while I was playing one of the Prologue missions (the one in which you have to control if the lost AAF convoy is alive and then you engage some insurgents) while I was engaging enemies: a grenade exploded in front of me but I didn't die...but probably the nade was deadly to the game, and killed it by making it crash. :D

Here is the crash report :)

I think it's connected to my HW config since it's not the most suitable for Arma (it's about 8-9 years old), but I'm not sure the crash is linked to it, since I've already finished the game once.

I have some mods enabled, but nothing that I think can lead to any crash, since I have just the "Arma official mod" (P90) and some additional campaigns which don't require any additional mod (no CBA or anything else) and I was playing the vanilla campaign :)


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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Game Crash

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a new update was released on Monday, would you mind checking that one out and get back to me whether this issue has been resolved?
After the update, we recommend to verifying integrity of the game cache via Steam.

Should you encounter the crash again, please try to upload fresh crashdumps.

Thank you

I will upload any new crash dump if I'll encounter any other problem like this :)
Of course I think there are no repro steps since it happens randomly, but I think that any info about a possible crash are always useful to the devs. :)

Anyway I've played the mission after the patch and I got no crash!

Of course, any crash that happens during normal gameplay is worth reporting :)

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