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Blackfish Gunship Targeting problems
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The Blackfish Gunship variant has awesome power. However, currently it is extremely painful to use, as it is extremely difficult to keep the cross hairs on a target, let alone hit anything on the ground with the current targeting system - This is a Major Gameplay problem!

I recommend that you implement the Arma 3 drones targeting system, where it automatically adjusts to compensate for aircraft movement, and allows you to simply aim where you want to, without having to constantly manually adjust. This would not only make the gunship a more fun vehicle to use, but it would also create immersion and further the realism already present (In the real world, and in the future, there are advanced Fire Control Systems that do this and make targeting easy for the gunner).

Therefore I am putting this as a major issue because otherwise the Blackfish Gunship is next to useless and terribly inefficient with ammo in order to hit something.


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Windows 10 x64
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sebdspy created this task.Jul 6 2016, 9:07 AM

I can say they could do a couple of things, they can add the ai pod type of system where the system would figure out how to shoot the gun and we can point and click or fix it where we don't have to fight the ever so rotating V-44 so that way we can look at one point while the V-44 can continue doing it's orbit.