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Giving Commands in Copilot Seat do not Take Effect
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Giving commands to the automatic intelligence (or AI) pilot do not take effect until you (the co-pilot) have left the vehicle.


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
AI Control / Commanding
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a Blackfish aircraft with crew within the Editor, assigning you as the pilot. (ie. Default assignment.)
  2. Click play scenario.
  3. Switch to the co-pilot seat, with the AI taking the pilot seat using the action menu.
  4. Create a virtual 3D way point on the 2D map using the shift + left mouse button.
  5. Using the appropriately assigned F2, F3, F4 key; view the sky through the windshield until the "Next Waypoint" option is available after pressing the tilde key or previously mentioned function keys.
  6. Order the selected unit (using the F2, F3, F4 key) by clicking "Next Waypoint".
  7. Witness within console that the order was given by you, but no response was provided by the AI units.
  8. Select "Get Out" from the action menu, and further witness the orders you gave repeated, while the AI units finally respond affirmative and leave you behind!

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