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Equipment List Needs Filter Options
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The equipment list needs filter options, as this current equipment list is extremely long as it stands now. This equipment list will only inevitably get much longer within the future, especially since some modifications already add much equipment to the existing listing.

Minimizing the listing will help new and old players to more quickly choose their equipment by a significant amount of time.


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go to the VAS or a Ammunition crate.
  2. On the Middle Mouse Scroll Wheel action menu, select VAS or Arsenal.
  3. Time the amount of time to select your gear of choice.
  4. Then realize how much time could be saved by applying a filter by faction or color type. (Further explained below.)
Additional Information

Some possible filter options are:

  1. Sort by faction. (ie. Blufor, AAF, Redfor, ...) This can easily reduce the viewed list by 70% or more once APEX/Tanoa is released.
  2. Sort by color or type of camouflage. (ie. Black, Tan, MTP, Desert, Forest, ...) Again, this will further reduce the list by 70%.

Also add the possibility for applying multiple filters such as "sort by faction" and "sort by color or type of camouflage".

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