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Disable Arma3 launcher auto check for updates/signature check and add option to check manually.
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I have a feeling that Arma3 launcher is wrecking my drive every time I start it. Having lots of mods and lots of those beeing from Steam Workshop will cause a launcher to have huge startup delay, and during that time delay your HDD/SSD activity is skyrocketing causing entire system to be sluggish.

What I am suggesting is that, since not all would support this, option is added to the launcher to disable auto check for updates/signatures, and if so another button is added to do so manually. If not make this the default launcher behaviour.

As a plus I dont think its just updates that causes the delay but I have no way of checking what launcher is actually doing on startup. I can only assume that it is checking for signatures and whatnot on every launch. If so Id rather have this set to manual.

This can be fine for someone starting launcher once a day to hop in MP and play some, but for someone doing other 99 things in Arma3 this is a problem.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Start Arma3 launcher.
Observe large drive activity and huge delay in startup.
Close it and do it again.

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Jastreb created this task.Jun 28 2016, 9:42 AM

I too have the same issue. With over 150GB of add-ons, the time to process my mods is quite significant. My suggestion is similar to Jastreb's, maybe even the same, just said in a different way. I suggest defaulting to vanilla/no mods (checking) and allow the user to do so only if they are going to use mods. I create missions without mods and am forced to use a second PC that has no mods installed to speed up this process.

Hi. This seem to be fixed somehow as it is no longer the case for me. Launcher starts pretty fast now, after "Initializing" and then "checking for updates".

Can anyone confirm please?