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To-199 Neophron Too Fast for Landings Again!
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To-199 Neophron airspeed is too fast for safe landings, or the damage is too great for providing for a safe landing!

Full flaps, full speed brake, gear down, nose tipped 10 degrees, and still the air speed is still 300 knots or more! I was barely able to land once flying ~50 meters above the ground for 2-3 kilometers, flew over the fence around base with my wheels just clearing the fence just prior to touch down. And the pilot still took injury due to a supposedly hard landing!

This is an old bug during Altis recently fixed, now needs to be reopened! This appears to be much worse than last time, as I definitely cannot land at all now.

Also likely related, the To-199, when spawning or respawning within a hanger, the jet's hull is partially damaged. Again, likely to the previously mentioned, the damage is too sensitive and stall speed being too high and not allowing slower landings.

The To-199 can also be sent into an endless loop crashing during spawn by, flying at ~1500k within the direction of the ocean and ejecting, then parachuting. Sending the To-199 to crash into the ocean. On vehicle respawn, the jet will explode creating a crater, and then explode again on respawn.


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
Additional Information

To-199 Neophron cannot be landed or returned to base after take-off. Also, the airspeed during take-off is quite low, and the To-199 can barely take-off from the runways on Tanoa, and barely just make vertical just after take-off.

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I landed finally using 2016.06.27 version... not sure if this is fixed yet though. Damage sensitivity still seems extremely high.

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