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Official BIS End game servers should have consistent max player count
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It is unfair when a full official server switches from a 32 player End game to a 20 player End Game mission during round change, as players have to fight over slots.

In a full server, 32 players should not have to fight over 20 slots, as it forces the other 12 unslotted players to leave. As a result when the server changes to a 32 player game again, the server is not full.

It can be suggested that one official server should host all the 32 player End Games, while the other official server hosts all the 20 player End games.
This way max player counts are consistent, people don't fight over slots during mission change, and servers remain full longer.


Operating System
Windows 7
End Game - Gameplay
Steps To Reproduce

Play on Official BIS End Game server and wait for when mission ends. When it switches to a new mission, theres a chance a 32 player mission changes to a 20 player mission. If the server is full, and it changes from a 32 to 20 player mission, 12 players are left out.

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Renz created this task.Jun 25 2016, 8:58 PM
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