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Object Friction inconsistent with setMass physics between host and rest of clients
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I have a vanilla football MP mission which was working fine back in 2015 on steam workshop.
It requires you to push a box (which is the football) into the opponents goal.
However in 2016, the friction between the host and client is not synced, so that only host can push the football.
The football has the this code to make it lighter:

football setMass[1,0]

The host is the person who createVehicled the football.
When the host pushes the ball, he can push it at full speed. This is because the ball is so light it has almost no friction.
But when the client pushes the ball, it's still light but there's so much friction he can barely nudge it, . This didn't happen in 2015.


Operating System
Windows 7
Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

Run a hosted server with debug console enabled

  1. On host, run the following code in debug:

football = "Land_CargoBox_V1_F" createVehicle getpos player; football setMass [0,1];

  1. Get host's vehicle to push the football

Notice that he can push it at full speed

  1. Get client's vehicle to push the football

Notice that he can barely push it

Additional Information

These 2 videos show clients and host pushing the football in 2015 & 2016

2015 Behaivour

  • 6:32 Host & Client can push football at full speed

2016 Behaviour

  • 1:06 Clients can only nudge football

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