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[DEV-BRANCH - 1.63.137131] New Revive System not functioning.
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After configuring the options in 3DEN for the new revive overhaul it now does not seem to work at all. I am only using Revive and the options for MenuPosition in the dialog above the revive settings.

Checked all the variables created by the functions and they seem to be initialised.

Tried problem solving it with BIS_fnc_reviveDebug enabled. but no joy.


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Windows 7
Health System
Steps To Reproduce

Configure the mission for revive in 3DEN editor Attributes > Multiplayer > Revive.
Configure the mission for base in 3DEN editor Attributes > Multiplayer > Respawn > Respawn on custom position.
Place west player unit.
sync player to game master.
place respawn_west marker

enter preview and place an enemy AI unit and wait to die. You do not enter an unconscious state you just die and respawn.

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I believe the Revive system only works in a MP environment with multiple players.

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thank you for the feedback.

This issue is a little bit older and reported from Development branch, could you please tell me whether you are still having trouble with the revive system?

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@razazel - yes i made this ticket while testing Dev branch prior to Apex release. At that time there was no documentation available to indicate that the new revive system REQUIRED 2 players connected to be activated at all (kind of shit setup for testing TBH).

The revive system seems to be working fine now thank you. (Though I still have no idea why they would create (read: carbon copy BTC Revive / Farooqs) a revive system that has no ability to move the incapacitated via drag / carry both. The animations for both are already in the game.

Thankyou for your reply to this ticket. It is my first and last feedback. I had no idea it would take 2+months for a reply, for a bug report on something as integral as the revive system. No wonder updates to Arma are always riddled with bugs if this is how long it takes to get back to people. (I realise its not your fault specifically but more an indicator to a larger issue).


(kind of shit setup for testing TBH)

True, being able to check out if unconscious state is working in 1P would be nice, on the other, so is laying on the ground waiting for no one to come (for those who would not know that need second player to revive them).

As for the late reply, sorry about that. Unfortunately this ticket came in the worst time (finishing phase of Apex release) since there was a really lot on all of our hands. Also not getting a reply does not mean that feedback went unnoticed, sometimes it is just matter of how much time there is for replies for all of them tickets.

Anyways, again sorry for that and thank you very much for your feedback, should you change your mind and want to submit a bug or feature request in future, ping me if you want (either in this ticket - it's on my watch list, or on forum).

Thanks :)

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