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VTOL Thrust/Collective issues on Saitek Joystick
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Using a Saitek Cyborg Evo when flying a VTOL or other "convertible" plane makes it nearly impossible to land. When setting "Vectoring on" and ascending using an analogue thrust slider everything works normal. As soon as one is trying to descend, the VTOL's nose immediately goes down vertically, without any further input making the aircraft crash.
Doing the same with a keyboard, descending works like expected when in "helicopter mode".


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Set Joystick slider for Thrust analogue/Collective analogue.
Place VTOL and enter as Pilot.
Set vectoring to "on"
ascend using your analogue input device
try to descend using said device in opposite direction.

Additional Information

The analogue slider works as expected in any other plane and helicopter that has no vectoring

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rogerx added a subscriber: rogerx.EditedDec 3 2016, 9:18 PM

Can confirm this bug when using my Saitek X52 Pro joystick as well with analog thrust mapped!

This is such an irritating bug for the past month, and am surprised this has not been fixed within version 1.66 released yesterday!

Any landing attempt with the Blackfish, no matter how soft and with less than one foot above ground, will inevitably result in a crash and explosion. This bug may also rely partially upon Bug #T119564, "VTOLs damage model and flight model is primitive. BIS, Please improve these points." In other words; if the Blackfish gets a flat tire upon landing due to programmed sensitivity being to great, the Blackfish maybe programmed to just explode upon the deflated tire because the tire felt a little pressure.

Another useful note, when using the keyboard this bug is apparently not present at all, making keyboard flyers look extremely far less accident prone than those using a joystick!

Another issue and maybe related, upon or after using viewing the map (eg. 'M' key) while flying, the Vector Thrust sometimes or always is automatically enabled. This maybe likely due to joystick input being disregarded by the ARMA program when viewing the map. (Quite ridiculous these bugs still persist after so many years.)

TIP: Try removing the "dead zone" from the analog thrust axis within Customize Joystick Controls menu. Also, all my sensitize settings within this menu are set to absolute minimums. Dead zones are usually set to 30% for regular joystick axis, and 50% for all other button swivel axis. However, I like a little dead zone when hovering helicopters so I'm not yo-yo'ing up & down all the time. (It's amazing how the default axis are so sensitized by default, players end-up exhibiting a rubber-band effect on during their turns all the time. Sensitization should likely be set to minimal by default.)

UPDATE: Much much better with removing all dead zone from the throttle axis! However, still glitches sometimes. Especially when going to the map ('M' key) while vectoring is off, but vectoring will automatically toggle or enable at times after switching back from map view. Workaround is to view the map very very quickly, not allowing enough time for the simulation to switch to vectoring does appear to help. Another glitch on the multiplayer servers, the wheel brakes on the Blackfish at most times seem stuck on.