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setObjectMaterial does not load material textures
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We have a severe problem where normal maps defined in a material are not loaded and showing when using setObjectMaterial. Tested in the editor. There is no error in the RPT, no problem logged anywhere. It just does not use/show the normal map in the material.

We have tried re-naming the material files from "material01.rvmat", "material02.rvmat" and "material03.rvmat" to "a.rvmat", "b.rvmat" and "c.rvmat" - without success.

We have tried re-naming the normal files from "normal01_nohq.paa", "normal02_nohq.paa" and "normal03_nohq.paa" to "normalone_nohq.paa", "normaltwo_nohq.paa" and "normalthree_nohq.paa" - without success.

We have tried inverting the axis of the normal maps - without success.

We have tried re-doing the normal maps via "_no" instead of "_nohq" - without success.

We have tried pre-loading the normal maps in CfgCoreData - without success.

We have tried adding a time delay between assigning the materials via setObjectMaterial to exclude racing conditions - without success.

We have tried copying the material into the Arma root folder and use that via setObjectMaterial - that works sometimes.

Please excuse if I miss some information. I have been struggling with this for 14 hours today.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Create a box model with one component and one section
Define a hiddenSelectionMaterial in the CfgVehicle config
Create three "super" materials
Create three normal maps, use on in a separate material
Spawn the vehicle in the editor and apply each material via setObjectMaterial

With a bit of luck the normal map shows on some of the objects, but not all of them. After re-starting Arma, it might only show it on one object. After another restart, it shows the normal map on none of them.

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ExileMod created this task.Jun 17 2016, 1:04 AM
Grim added a subscriber: Grim.Jun 17 2016, 1:10 AM

I have now created a new .p3d that has three boxes inside. Each box has one of these materials applied to it. When the game starts, I call this:

  • spawn

waitUntil {10 preloadObject "Exile_Preloader"};
systemChat "loaded";

If I create the three models after that, the normal textures are loaded. This proves that the materials, models or textures are not dysfunctional, but setObjectMaterial is.

I consider this a hack that can be used until the core issue is solved.