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Toggle run/walk get's triggered when it shouldn't
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I have a toggle walk/run on the same keybind as deploy weapon, and up until update 1.58, it worked great.

If I press a button to deploy weapon and it does deploy weapon action, it didn't toggle walk/run, if I press that same button without trying to deploy a weapon (when there is nothing to deploy on), it toggles walk/run instead, which is great.

Since 1.58 (and now in 1.60 as well), it's not the case, it does both actions regardless, if there is something to deploy on, it deploys the weapon, but after I'm done shooting and try to move, I see that my walk/run has been toggled.


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Place Deploy weapon and Toggle walk/run on the same keybind, now deploy your weapon on some object. When you move, you will see that your walk/run has been toggled as well.

Additional Information

Another example of where this causes issues is having the same button for switch optic mode, and default action (middle mouse button for example). Before, you could use the MMB to jump in a driver seat (for example), and it wouldn't switch your optic mode, it would just get in the vehicle. Now it gets in the vehicle, and switches your optic mode.

A bit unrelated to this ticket, but since you're optimizing your APEX keybind preset, some of these actions on weapons could be made so they only react when aiming down sights.
For example, you can adjust zeroing or switch optic mode only when aiming down sights, but if you are not aiming, you could use those same keybinds for something else (it will not affect the weapon).

Just an idea.

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