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Preventive Diplomacy savegame bug
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In this mission of the campaign, we can't load a savegame.

Well, in fact we can, but as soon as it's loaded, we have a message telling us that "friendly fire is not tolerated" and the mission fails.

Can this be sorted out please?


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Campaign Episode 3: Win
Steps To Reproduce

Play the mission.

Wait for auto savegame or make manual savegame.

Load the savegame.

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thank you for the feedback. Could you please tell me if you are playing on Main or Development branch? If was unfortunately unable to reproduce this issue so far.
Did you try to start the mission again completely? This issue might be caused by a fact that during the autosave you might have inflicted damage to one or more friendly units by accident.

Wiki added a comment.EditedJun 9 2016, 2:51 PM

It was on stable branch, vanilla game
Seems I ain't the only one to encounter this issue to:

Plus, it's impossible for me to inflict damage to anyone as I just stand behind a wall, doing nothing at all.
My team is taking cover too, no enemy around.

I tried to start the mission again, but did encounter the same issue.

BTW, it happens after we've taken the factory.
When we have to secure the town.

Thank you for the additional info, I had no luck reproducing this issue so far but I will keep trying to see what might be wrong.

Why not ask for users to upload saved games?

I would have eventually though I was able to reproduce the issue myself in the end :)

I haven't proved this yet but it might be friendlies in the area when you use the scatter rounds for artillery support. First time I almost completed the mission without errors. Then restarted the mission using the artillery scatter rounds and got the error so maybe something to do with that.

Wiki added a comment.Aug 1 2016, 8:24 PM

Nope, because it can happens even before I request artillery strike.

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the issue was already looked at and should be fixed. Fix is currently available in the Development branch and should make it into the Main/Stable branch with the next update.

same problem faced by me...."friendly fire is not tolerated" and the mission fails.

@pravinrocks Did you try it in the development branch? If not and you are interested, please try to switch to it and let me know thanks?

let me try that...will get back to you once done...Thanks

Razazel, I finished the game in development branch.... Thanks

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Ok, cool that this is fixed. When is this due to be released?

@HQJaTu Fix is available in the dev branch and should be also available in the RC and will be soon available in the main/stable branch. Unfortunately I do not know the exact date when new main/stable branch update is rolling out.