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Can not access Apex/Tanoa when updating game through Game Updater
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Start the Arma3 Dev version 1.61.136572 click play game starts. Upper left corner shows padlock with Apex Icon. When I mouse over it shows message - Arma3 Apex Expansion now available, click to purchase. Open the 3d editor Tanoa map shows but shows purchase instead of continue


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Start Arma3 Dev version 1.15.136572 open 3d editor try to load Tanoa option to purchase shows where continue button is

Additional Information

Purchased Apex Expansion Jan 17 from BI store. activated it in steam. DL 6.2 gigs. Shows as Arma3 Apex not installed Added Jan 17, 2016
deleted the Arma3 [development] folder and downloaded 21.8 gigs this morning. Still same after trying that.

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SgtNickFury added a comment.EditedJun 9 2016, 6:55 PM

The only way to run the Apex Expansion preview is to install the Development version using steam. Arma3-properties-Betas-Op in to the developers build. But since I want to also run my Arma3 1.60, this is how I did it.
So you purchased the Apex DLC, but it shows as “Not Installed" in your DLC list. That is because you will need to run the Development Build to "Preview" it. But if you do that, then you won't be able to play the main branch if you Op into the development build under the properties for Arma3 unless you keep downloading the 6-7 gigs for Apex each time you change. Plus, any new 1,61 updates. So I figured out how to install and run both using Steam for the development build and a desktop shortcut for the main build of Arma3.
If you already purchased the Apex DLC or are going to before the "official release". Here is how to check it out, without changing back and forth between main branch (1.60) and Dev (1.61).
NOTE! Not reasonable if you screw something up and it doesn't work for you. I tested it and I'm running both fine.

  1. Install the Arma3 tools through Steam.

2.Open Arma3 tools and run the "Game Updater" to install the development version of Arma3.
3.Open windows explorer and go to your location where you have Steam-Arma3 installed
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common
You will see both Arma3 folder and one named arma3 [development]. You are going to rename the folders

  1. Rename Arma 3 to Arma 3 1.60
  2. Rename Arma 3 [development] to Arma 3 (with capital "A" and space between "a" and "3”)
  3. Open Steam and right click on Arma3 - Properties - Betas - Pick development build. Steam will now DL the Apex DLC you purchased, but is showing as not installed. It is approx. 6.2 gigs. It may DL more than that if needed.
  4. After it's done downloading. Start Arma3 blue DEV will be in upper left corner. Click play after game starts you will no longer have a lock upper left, and when you start 3d editor you can pick Tanoa and continue.
  5. Go to the folder you renamed Arma3 1.60 and look for the arma3launcher.exe make a desktop shortcut.
  6. Click on it and run the main version of Arma3 this way.

To keep your "Main version you to date. Just run the Arma3 Tools - Game Updater - Options and pick Main Branch. Change the path for the directory to the on named Arma3 1.60. Then click on update. You will only need to do this when a game update is available. The Dev version will update itself through steam every time it needs to.

I hope this helps anyone wanting to run both builds at the same time on one PC.