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random deaths
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logged in on prison island, re put guns in hotbar AGAIN went to move and died...... run into garage on cherno beach front, broke leg (used morphine) run out and died


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Windows 10 x64

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pierrick417 added a subscriber: pierrick417.EditedJun 8 2016, 1:15 AM

Got 3 random death today as well, 2 while leaving 2 story green house with interior stairs and the other while leaving a small wooden shack in a backyard. Instant death and my buddy saw me dead right by the door sill.

maybe its a desync dead

uz-spark added a subscriber: uz-spark.EditedJun 11 2016, 12:14 PM

Got 2 deaths in 2 days on 0.60 experimental. Didn't heard any shots or footsteps. First time i was in the city, looting some car and poof, just went dead, so MAYBE it's just some ninja stabbed me. But second time i died in a plain, after being hit 5-6 times in ~2 seconds, but i didn't heard anything, no shooting nor bullet flybys neither bullets hitting me or ground. Just shaking screen and white flashes animation several times.

Generally, game runs smooth on 0.60, no lags or desyncs, definitely not in open field. So i doubt that it was desync. Or it was some invisible zombies (judging by multiple "hits" in a short timespan there were a pack of them, maybe i lured them running across the plain), either it's some invisibility/silence exploit. Or maybe it's serverside desync problem, where it didn't send me pockets for enemy and them shooting at me, merely updated my character state when i got hit and dead.