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Players able to fire weapons while having their hands up.
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Player is able to shoot fire arms while having his hands up. Personally I believe the issue is probably desync related with the animations between players.

Test on Exp .60 - 1st person server.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

The player throws his hands up and is able to drop his gear on the ground. While his hands are still up he is able to access his weapon and is able to fire it. However trying to test this feature out myself I've not been able to reproduce the bug. But I have recorded the encounter if that helps :

Additional Information

The event occurred in the military base of Zelenogrsk. The player was able to fire the pump action shotgun a weapon a couple times, even had it jam a couple times as-well.

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sanguine00 added a subscriber: sanguine00.EditedJun 5 2016, 9:29 PM

Confirmed this with a friend just now.

  • Hands up
  • Placed primary on ground
  • Put hands down
  • Picked up gun

On my screen the gun was in my hand and ready to fire. On his screen my hands were still up.