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eyePos command does not update when standing still + freelook
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When standing still and in freelook, the eyePos command does not update at all.

It does not update until:

  • You move
  • You rest
  • You salute
  • You switch weapons (it updates simultaneously with the weapon being holstered/put on back)
  • You switch from weapons lowered to weapons raised
  • You lean left/right (interestingly it even updates when no lean animation is performed at all, e.g. when unarmed)
  • You open your inventory
  • You execute: player setpos (getpos player); (however player setdir ANGLE; does not update it!)
  • And probably a bunch of others things that I haven't tested yet.

Also, it doesn't seem to update when unarmed and any of the "ambient" animations occur, see this picture; here
The sphere indicates the position what eyePos is outputting. (And yes, the timing on the picture is....well...yeah :) )

If any developer could perhaps take a look at this and find the pattern and create a fix it'd be immensely appreciated.

I have attached a repro mission made on the 2D editor (basically a sphere + eachFrame EH + setpos)


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

See repro mission

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I have also found this to be a problem. Having this problem fixed would greatly encourage progress.