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Repeatedly trying to chop firewood spawned ~80 each of logs and sticks and caused extreme lag when opening vicinity view
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I was trying to chop down a tree for wood. It seemed not to be working so I kept pressing F. Eventually the tre fell down, but when I checked vicinity there was approx 80 logs on the ground and 80 long sticks. When I pressed tab to view vicinity, I experienced a game pause for several seconds, my screen went white and I got a message saying DayZ had stopped responding. This went away after a few seconds and I was able to resume playing. This pause of several seconds ocurred each time I tried to view vicinity.


Operating System
Windows 7

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TimF created this task.Jun 4 2016, 1:06 PM

I tried to reproduce your bug and was only party successful.
The bug does NOT happen when you walk up tp a tree, wait for "chop firewood", klick once (either pressing F or pressing the middle wheel/middle button), wait for the animation to work, wait for the next "chop firewood", klick again, wait again.
The bug ONLY occurs when you walk up to tree, wait for "chop firewood" and spam F as fast as you can.
Depending on how often you manage to press F before the animation of the falling tree occurs, I managed to get from 3 to 15 big pieces of fire wood.

Video proof:

My game didn't freeze up, though.