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Editor Menu has grown VERY LARGE
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Hello. I don't believe I've done anything to change any settings, but today when I started the 3D Editor in Arma 3, I discovered that the menus, across the top and the asset and location sections on the sides, have grown to immense size, almost completely blocking the view of the amazing 3D Arma3 terrain. I hope this is not a bug, and just simply my mistake, but honestly just last night when I was creating scenarios it was working fine, and this morning they are very large. I apologize if this is just my fault... if I'm wrong about this, can you please tell me how to reduce the size of the menus? Also, I also exited out of the development version and tried it regular, and the menus are all the correct size, so it seems to be specific to the dev version. I've tried every option I can think of and nothing has made a change. Thank you for taking the time to ready this... I truly appreciate it. Arma3 is my absolute favorite!


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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The menus are huge every time I open the 3D editor. I am running a stock, un-modded Dev version 1.61.136491 as of 3 June 2016. I have also exited out of the development version, and started it in the non dev version, and the menus are all the correct size.

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Same issue. Screenshot for reference. Tried multiple times to adjust with settings, no fix.

Was normal size as of 2 Jun, but after update 3 Jun, now unuseable.

Thanks for the backup, Evo. Let's hope this gets fixed fast... the editor is my main use for A3

@Astaroth, it's resolved. Ticket can be closed.

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