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3d editor resolution
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After arma3 update today, went to 3d editor and the editor looks like its set to 800 x 600 or something. Looked around but can only see part of the top menu to make any changes, so don't know if there is a setting to fix this.
I worked just fine yesterday and I have not added any new mods or made any configuration settings since last login...


Operating System
Windows 7
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce

Don't know how to reproduce, just logging onto the 3d editor does the resolution change and can't fix it.

Additional Information

This is on build 1.61.136491

Also on the Main Menu screen, the footer where the copyright 2013-2016 Bohemia Interactive .... is, one the right side of that footer it shows text on top of text, "cba_keybind......" too hard to read it all. don't remember if that was always therebut seen it today.
There is nothing worng with my resolution in any other program and even when getting into the 2d editor it doesn't seem to be affected.

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