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[FIXED] Arma 3 - Backpack/Car Exploit [Heavy Impact on MP]
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Hey all,

i recently (before this feedback tracker exist) start a new topic in the official Arma 3 Forum about an exploit in Arma3. I found a bug in Arma 3 and it is possible to exploit this bug on nearly every Server which supports to sell the content of a car ( - so nearly every sandbox gamemode. E.g. Wasteland, Altis Life, Exile and much more. You can use every kind of backpack and every kind of car - it doesn't matter.
If you need any further information, feel free to contact me.

Greetings Staynex


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Ingame UI
Steps To Reproduce
  1. You need a random car and a dead body with a backpack near this car.
  2. Open the ground inventory (make sure, that you are able to move things from the ground directly to the car inventory)
  3. Move the backpack from the ground to the car.
  4. Now you can see, that the backpack is on the ground AND in the car.
  5. Repeat the X times. Now X backpacks are in the car.
  6. Use the following script command to get the vehicle inventory: getBackpackCargo (if I tested that correctly, only Backpacks are affected)
  7. If you sell the content on a multiplayer server you are instantly rich, as the getBackpackCargo command return X backpacks -> EXPLOIT

Old Video to show the steps to reproduce this Exploit:
New Video including the script command (24.06.2016 - Tanoa RC Branch):

Additional Information

If you watch my second video ( you also see that I was unable to move the other equipment inside the vehicle - only the weapon and the exploit-backpack :)

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