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Ground disappearing / scenarios not loading correctly
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Most of the time I have started a new scenario or launched a new mission, the ground disappears and crazy things start to happen that I'm not great at describing. I will attach screenshots of one of the scenarios that this happens on. It makes the game unplayable since I am unable to do ~30% of the scenarios, and most of the new missions do not work in career mode for this reason. {F33178} {F33179} {F33180}


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For me, I simply started a scenario. I don't know how else to describe it

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Another Screenshot from the E3 Victoria Crater scenario:

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Also, both of those screenshots were taken as I was falling through the ground

same problem here. just started a new career, but in the victoria crater there is no ground and my probes are falling through the floor.

Likewise, I first noticed this issue with the Victoria crater manned mission. The mission starts and the guy is falling through the floor. It does it every time without fail.

Today's patch appears to have fixed the free-fall bug.

Hmm... Victoria Crater is working now, but I just fell through the Kaiser Crater. So I guess the bug still exists.

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Was an issue with a particular build. Was fixed

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