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Default atmospheric probe falls through bottom of Victoria Crater - latest Steam version
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Early atmospheric sample only (no photography) probe mission in centre of Victoria crater - automated landing, approach is on target, then probe passes through bottom of crater, collision not detected.

Probe continues its trajectory through surface map (observed for minutes, assumed indefinitely, confirmed on reconnects with the probe).


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Select atmospheric test only mission in very centre of Victoria crater, launch default basic probe: 100% repeat rate with 100% failure rate so far.
Prior save reloaded repeatedly, mission failure always the same on each reload and each new attempt, while testing it.

Additional Information

Reproduced easily at each attempt; attempted day and night landing with early-access default basic probe that lands successfully at every other testing target site on Mars. (Not so on Deimos - probes always fly past, or through Deimos. Can't tell, poor visuals in open space near Deimos, accompanied by flickering - similar to flickering on Mars map involving early Russian rover landing site - prevent clear view of what is happening, so unsure whether it's a similar bug or intended as fly-by mission.)

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Fixed right after christmas

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