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Small Lander, can't change which equipment to control.
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After updating to 0.8.0465 (normal and developer version, bug occurs in both versions), i am unable to change the primary or secondary equipment controls during the game. The only option for control after landing are the Retro Thrusters, which only seem to work in "Flight mode". In normal mode, i am unable to move the science platform, cameras, and the robotic arm. I've tried changing it with controller, keyboard or mouse, no results. I'm playing a new game in career mode, and have just advanced to the small lander, so i could not test this issue with other vehicles.
If i play a scenario with the big Rover, changing the equipment is possible and works just like before.

Everything worked fine before the update.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start a mission with a small lander.
  2. Wait for the landing sequence to complete
  3. Can't change the selected equipment, only choice are retro thrusters.

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Changing the equipment with the big Rover in Career Mode doesn't work either.

same issue here with both small lander and rover.

There is a workaround for this right here:
Whereas you just switch back to the last stable build of the game ( before the release of multiplayer ).

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Was a temporary version issue.

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