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Setting Mars 3 lander mission to fixed time (Dec. 2, 1971)
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While starting a new space program, the splash screen tells you it's December 2, 1971, yet the game clock is set to the current system date/time, and as a coincidence, it usually makes for me the mission happening in the middle of the Mars night, unless I adjust the system clock before starting the game.

I suggest setting the time of beginning of the Mars 3 intro mission to fixed: December 2, 1971, 13:52:10 UTC (or something around), and then reset it back to the system time after finishing Mars 3 / Prop-M tasks, when the next splash screen appears.


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Launch the game.
Start a new space program.
Read from the splash screen that it's currently December 2, 1971.
Read from the clock at bottom-left of the HUD that it's actually the current time.

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Hi orb and thanks for suggestion! We know about this and it will be tweaked very soon. :-)

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Fixed, will be in today's dev build

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