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[0.8.0234] Unable to close the Weather warning while in vehicle
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After I have launched the vehicle in Victoria Crater > Group of impact craters, the hazardous weather warning appears and it's impossible to close it. If the player waits in the Control Room for the warning to appear, it is close-able.

Version: DEV 0.8.0234


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Play Space Program with Game Time, skip the time in the Control room while saving often
  2. Wait for Hazardous weather warning to appear
  3. Load a previous savegame just before the warning appears
  4. Quickly launch a vehicle on a mission
  5. Observe the pop-up opening and being un-closeable while in the vehicle

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You can (now) go around this by hitting Esc and choosing Disconnect. In control room you can close the warning.

Dram added a comment.Jul 8 2014, 2:05 PM

Fixed a long while back, but the new notifications system resolves this issue. Popups are no longer used.