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[0.8.0234] Automatic landing doesn't work
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When the player starts a Space Program mission and leaves the AI to land automatically ("Automatic" option), the AI attempts to land at the exact target spot, which seems impossible, so it ends up hovering over it, until the fuel is low enough for Emergency Mode to trigger, after which the vehicle drops to the ground where it is, missing the landing zone oftentimes and sometimes causing the player to be unable to finish the mission because the lander misses the LZ or straight up gets destroyed by the rough landing.

Version: DEV 0.8.0234


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Run Space Program > Victoria Crater and its' first mission
  2. Observe the behavior of the Lander during the landing

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Fixed and should be available in today's build. The issue was that they tried to very precisely land at their target location.