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[0.8.0234] Kill Trans/Rot gets disabled by entering Game Menu
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When a player hits ESC to enter the game menu while in game with Kill Rotation/Translation on, it is turned off after he hits ESC to go back to the game.

Version: Dev 0.8.0234


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Editor > MAB > Load MAB (CAMPAIGN)
  2. Spawn a vehicle (ie T11 0G Probe Drill)
  3. Assume vehicle controls
  4. Hit Space, click both Kill Rotation and Kill Translation to enable them
  5. Hit ESC to go to Game Menu
  6. Hit ESC to go back to the game
  7. Kill Rot/Trans will be disabled

Repro rate: 100%

Additional Information

Considering this results in a pretty serious change in the vehicle controlability after coming back from menu, it seems to be a fairly critical bug.

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fixed some time back