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landers screen is all fuzzy and has criss cross effects while landing
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while using my landers nothing else, as soon as i start the mission with one it becomes all fuzzy and has a criss cross effect on my screen, all i can see is my mission details in the top left corner and if i press C i can view the lander itself. I cant control anything else, no cameras no equipment... nothing. please sort this out


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select a mission with a lander and BOOM.... it becomes fuzzy like an old tv screen

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Are you playing a thermal rover during the day? I get a black screen when that happens. And the landing layover is known from other issues.

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I get the exact same problem using current dev build at the very start of the space program, and it renders the game unplayable, as the camera cannot be used to film crater rim (gas can be collected). As soon as I reverted to stable (non-dev 0.8.0170) build, the problem went away and I was able to use the camera in Victoria crater.

how do you revert a update ??

oh yh i get it now you went back to non dev to beta again but the only problem with that for me is that i cant play my game saves with beta anymore as they were saved on dev

OMAC added a comment.Aug 11 2013, 3:36 PM

Yep. I would strongly suggest that you refrain from really "playing" the game until the full, "final" version is released. As it is, your saves most likely won't work when the next "stable" (non-dev) build is released. We are missing the images/movies/data associated with the science findings anyway. The Early Release version is just to identify major bugs and get suggestions from the community.

Please try updating to the latest development version. I believe this has been fixed today. Try reproducing the issue. Should you succeed, please let us know and we will ivestigate.

do i have to do something because mines not updated and is still fuzzy screen etc

Right click the game in your library -> Properties -> Betas -> Select Development

afterwards switch to the Local Files tab -> click "Verify Integrity of Game Cache"

Dram added a comment.Oct 16 2013, 4:46 PM

Fixed a while ago, but added a new camera to the descent stage, so that you can at least see that.