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Return to Mission control gives anomalous view
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When returning to MC from a rover (at night, so far), the Mission Control geometry seems out of alignment (refer attached image). Cycling through the different areas of the building - MC, Lab, Map - does not vary the view. ie when going from MC to Lab, still shows view s shown in screen grab. Also, when moving to Map, Map view comes up, but moving back to MC or lab, Map stays in view.

Has happened in previous build as well.


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Disconnect from any rover at night, selecting any part of the building.

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I have the exact same issue.

Further investigation reveals that continuation of campaign is not possible, due to the lab no longer shows the selected rover skeletons required for new missions.
Map view is persistent with only construction menu's visible.

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Most probably due to the problem with the 3D resolution slider - try changing it in the options menu from 1x, and please let me know if it helps

Sorry, been ages since I've posted.
May as well close this one, since several builds later.