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make the program for 64 bit computers....


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Im running Windows 7 ultimate 64bit and the game runs fine. Not sure what problems you are getting?

The game is of course made for 64bit systems. Can you please specify what problem you are having exactly?

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No problem, but the program then could use more ram.

Windows can give up to 4Gb of RAM to the game on a 32bit system. This is plenty. Ramping up the amount of RAM a game can use is only part of the story in improve game performance. Processor and graphics cards also have a huge amount to play.

This game runs as smooth as silk on my system, so the limit to the amount of RAM this game can use is clearly not a problem.

Maybe you can post your system details on here and people can look into the problem if you have one?

Bigdave is pretty much correct.

The game's recommended configuration lists 4GB of RAM which is more than enough of RAM for this particular game.

What made you think otherwise if I may ask?

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It's a very widespread misconception that a 64bit game executable will somehow magically improve a game's performance compared to the 32bit version. Hence, requests like this one pop up frequently for pretty much every game.

As far as I'm concerned this ticket can be closed, but I'll leave it up to the devs.


64bit executable is not necessary.