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Vehicle GUI style doesn't work anymore
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Settings "modern" style doesn't seems to be working. It was working correctly two days before. I had switched to "modern" style back than. Today the "classic" was used although "modern" is still checked in Options.

I tried switching to "classic", restarting game, switching to "modern" again and restarting game. Didn't helped and "classic" is still used.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Connect vehicle via map (not screens in command center) with normal hud selected
  2. Go into options
  3. Select arcade hud
  4. Return to game
  5. Arcade hud is on
  6. Disconnect
  7. Quit to menu
  8. Exit game
  9. Run game
  10. Space program
  11. Continue
  12. Connect to vehicle via map (not screens in command center)
Additional Information



Options_FluidFreeFly true
Options_Imperial false
Options_HUDArcade true
Options_PhysDetail 0
Options_DOFLevel 1
Options_3DResolution 1

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Unable to reproduce on both stable and dev builds.

Please try setting the HUD option in the main menu and then entering the game.

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FredyC added a comment.Aug 6 2013, 6:16 PM

That doesn't work either. I even tried restarting as I said before. Still getting only "classic".

I have also noticed these lines in filesystem.log if that means anything...

18:14:57:0943 R 1000625 :gui/layouts/hud_freeflycam.layout
18:14:57:0955 R 100061b :gui/layouts/ffcam_menu.layout
18:14:57:0989 R 1000630 :gui/layouts/hud_rover_sim.layout
18:14:58:0000 R 100062c :gui/layouts/hud_radialmenu_sim.layout
18:14:58:0001 R 1000622 :gui/layouts/hud_cameramode.layout
18:14:58:0002 R 1000626 :gui/layouts/hud_instrumentmode.layout
18:14:58:0003 R 1000634 :gui/layouts/hud_tabs_sim.layout

I successfully reproduced the issue in the end. However, I managed to get rid of it as well.

I simply connected to a vehicle, entered the options (arcade is selected), I select normal, go back to game (still normal hud), open options again (normal is selected), select arcade, go back to game (arcade hud).

Please try doing this to fix the problem.

I have updated the steps to reproduce with reproduction of the error.

FredyC added a comment.Aug 6 2013, 7:12 PM

Ok you are partly right, but it's much more simple.

It can be fixed temporarily by switching gui style while in vehicle, but some change has to happen. Meaning if there is arcade selected, I have to select normal first, go back to game and than again to the menu, switch to arcade and it magically works.

However it seems there is some issue with loading game and checking this setting. Once the game is saved (while in the vehicle) with arcade style and than loaded (even without quitting game), it reverts back to normal gui style.