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Landers won't stay landed sometimes.
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I apologise if this issue has already been reported.

So I have just received the large lander, and I go on the second mission in Kaiser crater. I have a good landing, I go through the tasks. Then I get to the APXS task, or the scoop task, or any that involves me touching the ground with the arm. As soon as I even tap the ground, the lander goes back up into the air, and lands again. The sound effect of the thrusters are constantly playing, even when landed. I had this bother with the second mission in Victoria crater (small lander) as well.


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Simply play a mission with a stationary lander, one with an arm. Touch the ground with the arm, and there will be a random chance of the lander "relanding". I would suppose the large lander gets this bug more often.

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Confirmed by internal testing. It is possible to lift the lander using the drill or robotic arm in a way that causes the lander to fly up in the air and "re-land". The landing waypoint is also displayed.

Awaiting resolution.

Thank you for the report.