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Wheel error happen far too often
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Nearly every rover I drive seems to get a wheel error almost instantly, despite being careful when driving around and avoiding any large rocks. It can get very annoying. I know the team want to make the game feel realistic, but maybe having other rover/lander errors occur more often instead of wheel errors would be better?


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Drive around a bit

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We will gladly adjust the values, but I would first like to know some things:

a) Is it happening directly after landing with no apparent impact?
b) Is it happening after many impacts into rocks and so on?
c) How far do you roughly drive before the issue crops up?

Please provide the information above. We are planning on introducing difficulty levels, so damage level will be part of it.

It normally occurs directly after landing and progressively gets worse. I'd therefore assume its something to do with the landing impact?

However, out of the 12 or so rovers I have placed onto Mars, about 9 have had this wheel error. Surely that is a bit high?

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I have found this rather annoying too, although broken wheel is not that big issue. Damaging some analyzer and finding about it when it should be used, that would be much worst.

Anyway, in my case wheel is usually damaged when driving off the landing platform. Even if landing goes without any error, I do a slow move and instantly there is error in log about breaking the wheel.

It seems to me, that it happens during unpacking procedure. When it lands with the rover on the bottom and than due to the weight of middle station it makes the part with rover to come up for a which is rather hard move and rover jumps into the air little bit. Usually when this "jumping" doesn't happen, there is no wheel break.

Also I am using all low grade components, so it's probably root of all evil there.

  • Czech description as my english suck :) ---

Prostě když se to rozbaluje a přístalo to s roverem na spodku, tak váha té stanice uprostřed způsobí, že část s roverem se zvedne do vzduchu poměrně rychle a jakoby trochu nadskočí.

Kreggy added a comment.Aug 7 2013, 8:49 AM

I agree on that.

I had several rovers that were already broken when moving the first 20 cm on the landing platform. Once a rover had a major wheel error right after leaving the landing platform - I could not even move 3 m away from the platform.
The invest in a rover is pretty much useless if you cannot even reach your first target scenery?!

Btw, the wheel errors happen to medium quality items, too - right after landing.

I can confirm this issue. Rover wheels appear to be damaged easily especially during and/or shortly after landing without any apparent cause (ie. crashing into a rock).

I've never had a wheel fail after an extended amount of driving. It's always started more or less immediately after landing. I'm wondering if the drop off the landing platform damages the wheels... The MER mission rovers had ramps on their landers for this reason =p

Yeah has said in my first post, the wheel error happens almost instantly as soon as you land, so it could be something to do with the landing capsule that is causing the rover to get damaged wheels.

I am finding this as well. There is no information really explaining how to avoid wheel errors. i.e. It is not clear that bumping to rocks causes them (if it does)

Also it is incredibly frustrating that wheel errors can cause your rover to move when using tools. Effectively making it impossible to take a reading.

Before I land, I often test the wheels to see if any have failed, and more often than not at least one doesn't work properly.

Dram added a comment.Sep 10 2013, 7:57 PM

Does this still occur? The old part failure system was completely removed, so this should not pose an issue anymore. The new part failure system will be a little more intelligent.

Haven't had chance to test it with the new system yet, but glad to hear that some improvements have been made :)

Dram added a comment.Sep 25 2013, 10:16 PM

No longer an issue, the part failure system is being overhauled.